X-hibition © Dinis Sottomayor



‘X-hibition’ is an installation for the international event BIN@Porto. For this project we were asked to design space partitions for a 250sqm room that was to host two different programs on consecutive days: on the first an exhibition of the work of twenty technological start-ups; on the second, a conference for 100 people.

We determined that the intervention should be highly flexible and able to transform the spatial qualities of the room in just a few hours. Thus, we created a system based on the multiplication of a singular piece, a cross made of cardboard. We chose this material not only because it is re-usable and bio-degradable, but also because of its graphic quality – blue on one side and striped on the other.

The layout of the installation takes advantage of the guests different perspectives, becoming, in effect, a form of interactive art.

X-hibition © Dinis Sottomayor X-hibition © Dinis Sottomayor X-hibition © Dinis Sottomayor

Technical data



Technology and Innovation Center – UPTEC, Oporto, Portugal



UPTEC / Oporto University



October 2012



4000 cardboard crosses



Dinis Sottomayor ©

X-hibition © Dinis Sottomayor