Temporary Bar © Sandra Neto



This bar was a result of a competition to represent the School of Architecture of the University of Porto. The area, fast construction, and low budget were considered in the design of this temporary structure that had to be built in just one week.

Based on IKEA’s “build it yourself” concept, this project is made out of storage containers of varying depth, which resulted in a modular building system with a highly textured skin. By placing an LED system on the interior of the boxes, the skin adopted a variety of expressions. By day, the structure appeared as an abstracted white volume and by night the LED system lit up the bar giving it an ephemeral feeling. By syncing the DJ’s soundtrack with the lighting system a dynamic pulsating light box was instigated.

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Technical Data



City Park, Oporto, Portugal



AEFAUP – Architecture Students Association






420 ‘Trofast’ polypropylene IKEA storage boxes

MDF frames and tubular metal



Students Competition

1st prize



Sandra Neto ©

Diogo Aguiar ©

Temporary Bar © Sandra Neto