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‘Stack and Build’ is a temporary pavilion created for the event Serralves em Festa at the Serralves Museum’s gardens.

Designed by combining SuperBock beer crates, this installation takes advantage of the crate’s formal qualities through the creation of a laced curved wall. The assembly is based on the addition of a singular metal detail, which was specifically designed and produced to connect the beer crates together. Using a very simple LEGO-type mounting system, the crates were assembled into a curved wall.  The addition of the metal detail, adds a high-tech approach to a low-cost aesthetic. The design of this detail allows for the assembly and disassembly of the pavilion without damaging the crates. Furthermore, the development of this non-intrusive building system and the high strength of the elements used suggest the possibility of re-using this project in other places with new or multiple configurations.

Stack&Build axo Stack&Build © damnworks Stack&Build © damnworksStack&Build © damnworksStack&Build 2D

Technical Data



Serralves Foundation Gardens, Oporto, Portugal



Brand New Box for SuperBock®’s National Award for Creative Industries



June 2012



620 plastic crates,

576 horizontal metal pieces

620 vertical curved metal pieces



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Stack&Build © damnworks