Frozen Trees © Fernando Guerra



‘Frozen Trees’ is a temporary Christmas light display in D. Pedro IV Square in Lisbon. This installation creates an illuminated, frozen and fractal Christmas landscape that affects and alters the paths of pedestrians.

Thirty cylindrical structures activate the square and serve as self-sufficient streetlights. These structures, which are placed throughout the square, create a new contextual landscape inviting visitors to discover new spatial experiences.

Using IKEA’s “Rationell Variera” plastic bags dispensers as the base module, this design takes advantage of the module’s unique shape.  Additionally, “FROZEN TREES” brings a domestic-sized object into the urban scale – thus dissociating it from its original function and leading to the loss of its identity as a single element, making a call for creativity and multi-functionality in the current socio-economic climate.

plan_sectionRossio plan Frozen Trees © Dinis Sottomayor Frozen Trees © Dinis Sottomayor

plan_section_detailFrozen Trees © Fernando Guerra

Technical Data



Rossio Square, Lisbon, Portugal



Lisbon City Hall

MUDE – Design and Fashion Museum



December 2011



Invited competition 2011

1st prize



2400 plastic bags dispensers ‘Rationell Variera’

metallic structure

LED tape

car batteries



Dinis Sottomayor ©


Frozen Trees © Fernando Guerra