LEDscape © Fernando Guerra



‘LEDscape’ is an installation which deals with light as a constructive element of space and landscape. It is located in the CCB – Belém Cultural Centre in Lisbon and aims to introduce the everyday user to the Ledare light bulb, thus demystifying the preconceived ideas about LED technology and emphasizing the relevance of this product in the sustainability of the future. ‘LEDscape’ challenges the passerby to an interactive experience – a pathway gradually lit with 1200 light spots, invites introspection and individual appropriation of the installation.


LEDSCAPE DSG 02LEDscape © Fernando GuerraLEDscape © Fernando GuerraLEDscape © Fernando GuerraLEDscape © Fernando Guerra


Technical Data



Centro Cultural de Belém, Lisbon



IKEA Portugal



November / December 2012



1200 LED bulbs

1200 floor lamp bases




LEDscape axoLEDscape © Fernando Guerra

(I)cone © Marcos Garcia



‘(I)cone’ is an impertinent and interactive orange installation, of a great visual impact, waiting to surprise citizens and inviting them to experience the public space in a new way.  We chose to use plastic as the main material of a permanent art installation, because it is hard and very resistant thus offering a range of possibilities for this type of intervention. This art installation subverts the original meaning of the object – the traditional orange traffic cones, which usually require traffic to circumvent an obstacle – inviting visitors to cross and interact with it.

‘(I)cone’ uses the traffic cone as its modular structure, taking advantage of their formal and chromatic characteristics, building a portico that encourages citizens to have a closer proximity with art.

By night, the orange plastic is lit with a red LED network, illuminating the installation in Paredes City Park.

ICONE DSG 01(I)cone © Marcos Garcia (I)cone © Marcos Garcia

ICONE DSG 02(I)cone © Marcos Garcia

Technical Data



City Park, Paredes, Portugal



CAAPP – Public Art Open Circuit of Paredes

Paredes City Hall



December 2012



500 traffic cones (polyethylene plastic)

metal structure

LED illumination



Marcos Garcia

ICONE DSG 03Icone YR8S5548_1